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Sample Texts

  • TOBtexts--not about what u CAN'T have: about what u CAN have. Real sex & real love=inseparable. High school football star's testimony http://youtu.be/2ttRiQdl6e8
  • TOBtexts--God, sex, beauty and the universal longing: http://youtu.be/_zKz6d7MIQg
  • TOBtexts--What's the difference between lust and desire? Lust wants to use a person as a thing for selfish gratification. Desire wants to get to know the whole person and would never use another person.
  • TOBtexts--New discovery is proven to prevent STDs: http://youtu.be/bhC5hRm673M
  • TOBtexts--The body/sex has a language all its own."When u sleep with someone, your body makes a promise whether u do or not."--Cameron Diaz in Vanilla Sky
  • TOBtexts--When sex is abused, girls and women are often the first to suffer. But there is always healing: www.WomenMadeNew.com
  • TOBtexts--How porn rewires your brain: http://www.humanlife.org/Resources/J4G/J4G%20WEB.pdf
  • TOBtexts--Sex is language of forever. When u have sex your body says U ALONE FOREVER. Bonding chemicals release during sex 2 bond u 2 your spouse permanently
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